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Welcome my friends to HappyBrownBabies.com!

Breezrocc Media & Bigups Entertainment currently produce music for an eclectic stable of artists but more importantly--

The Happy Brown Babies--a new lo-fi hip hop group hailing from San Diego, CA. A beat here, a chord there...it all begins with a whisper and ends with a shout. Check out our beats. Hit us up if you would like to use one for a project. Let's collaborate, fellow artists!

Learn more about HBB and what we have to offer by scrolling through the site. Music, Video clips, Photos, Podcast, NFTs...it's all here!

Peace and send help if you can--BK

Alternate home to WePlayIt aka WPI podcast

Featuring AY the Wide Nose Bandit and BK. Go to its Page to listen or Stream each episode on YouTube!

Music appreciation from a fresh, dope, interesting perspective 👌 Let's gooooo!

Music Production


Are you looking for a professional Music Producer to record your music with? Breezrocc Media at Bigups Entertainment LLC can help take your music to the next level. Get in touch to learn more about what they can do to enhance your sound.

Covington, LA

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