MF Doom, Legendary Underground Rapper, Dies at 49

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

MF Doom, Legendary Underground Rapper, Dies at 49

Man, I'm really really devastated. I can't really express how i feel nor what i'm thinking right now. Doom has inspired me for years, months, days. I just talking about Doom in depth the other day when AY the wide-nosed bandit presented Flowervillain to me. It startled me cuz it's the sound I have been doing this year. How Doom got involved with that secretive project is beyond me but... i'm not surprised.

Metal Fingaz Doom aka Victor Vaughn aka Vaudeville Villain aka King Geedorah aka Zev Love X all i can say is THANK YOU for years and years of dope beats, insane lyrical prowess, the swag...EVERYTHING. We here at Breezrocc Media hope to continue emulating you. Hope we can keep creating magic and make you proud with the time we have left down here.

So much more i wanna say but i'll just leave it here for now.

To my favorite MC...

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