New surprise HBB "Eutilda" drops today!

side A

01. visualize

02. caribou

03. even honey goes bad

04. (there ain't no) relief

05. peel'n stick 1

06. peel'n stick 2

side B

07. a natural moisture

08. bring on the waves

09. completely lost finding myself

10. can't hold up the world on your own

11. the right way

12. midnite sun

13. eutilda

composed*, manipulated, performed and produced by breezrocc of

the happy brown babies. co-produced by ay the wide nose bandit

presented by breezrocc media & bigups entertainment

"Special thanks to my beautiful grandmother Eutil Mary Maude Jack Belle.

This album is dedicated to you. I think of you all the time.

You are a big part of who I am, who I will continue to be.

Thank you for all of your teachings and mental wealth.

Love you Granny, the strongest person I know."

RIP MF Doom, Henry Aaron

running time 23min

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